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Sound devices 633 field Mixer | Recorder

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The Sound Devices 633 Field Mixer/Recorder is a compact and powerful audio production device that stands as an essential tool for field professionals working in film, television, and broadcast production. This versatile unit combines the capabilities of a mixer and a recorder into a single, portable package, offering exceptional performance and convenience. With three high-quality microphone preamps, three line-level inputs, and the ability to record in 16 or 24-bit quality at sample rates up to 192 kHz, the Sound Devices 633 delivers superb audio quality and versatility. It features advanced functionalities such as direct outputs, high-pass filters, and highly effective limiters for precise control over audio signals. The rugged and durable construction of the Sound Devices 633 is designed to withstand the rigors of fieldwork. Its intuitive interface with an informative LCD screen ensures ease of operation even in demanding conditions. Additionally, the 633 supports timecode and metadata, streamlining post-production workflows. Whether you’re capturing dialogues, ambience, or music on location, the Sound Devices 633 Field Mixer/Recorder provides reliable, top-tier audio recording and mixing capabilities for professionals in the field.