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Sony XQD 120GB G 440 R:MB/S 440W:MB/S memory card

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The Sony XQD 120GB G Series memory card offers high-performance storage for professional photographers and videographers. With a read speed of 440 MB/s and a write speed of 440 MB/s, it enables rapid data transfer, ensuring swift capture and transfer of high-resolution images and 4K video content. The card’s robust construction and reliability make it suitable for demanding shooting environments, including extreme temperatures and rugged conditions. Its 120GB capacity provides ample storage space for extensive shooting sessions, minimizing the need for frequent card changes. Compatible with XQD-enabled cameras and devices, it ensures seamless integration into existing workflows. Whether shooting fast-action sports or capturing detailed landscapes, the Sony XQD 120GB G Series memory card delivers the speed, capacity, and reliability demanded by professional content creators.
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