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Panasonic AW-HR140EJ outdoor remote camera

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Experience unparalleled shooting performance in even the harshest environments with the Panasonic AW-HR140 Integrated Remote Camera System. This all-in-one solution combines an outdoor housing, camera, lens, and pan-tilt head to provide you with exceptional results. Equipped with advanced video processing, the AW-HR140 features the same DSP and full HD 3MOS sensors as the renowned AW-HE130. This ensures high sensitivity, a superior signal-to-noise ratio, and remarkable resolution, delivering stunning image quality in every shot. Key highlights of the AW-HR140 include IP65 protection, a 20x optical zoom (with a 1.4x digital extender), ND filters for precise control of light, and the inclusion of a wiper, heater, and optional washer for enhanced functionality. The camera’s salt-resistant paint guarantees durability, while the hybrid image stabilizer (mechanical and optical) named DISS ensures steady footage. With support for various resolutions, special functions like Intelligent, Haze Reduction, and Night Mode, as well as compatibility with existing Panasonic remote systems, the AW-HR140 offers unparalleled versatility. Rent the Panasonic AW-HR140 today and unlock its exceptional features for your next production. Capture stunning visuals with confidence, no matter the shooting conditions. Reserve this remarkable camera system now and take your projects to new heights.