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DPA 4060 / 4066 / 4088 Omnidirectional Microphone

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The DPA 4060, 4066, and 4088 Omnidirectional Microphones are part of the esteemed DPA d:screet and d:fine series, and they represent a pinnacle in miniature microphone technology. These omnidirectional microphones are designed for professional audio applications, including broadcast, live sound, theater, and more.
The DPA 4060 is a discreet lavalier microphone, ideal for hands-free operation and subtle placement on performers or speakers. Its miniature size ensures minimal visibility while providing exceptional sound quality.
The DPA 4066 is a headset microphone, perfect for applications requiring mobility and vocal clarity. It offers a secure, comfortable fit and outstanding audio performance, making it popular in theater and live performances.
The DPA 4088 is a headworn microphone suitable for vocalists and presenters who require hands-free operation while maintaining a dynamic and clear sound.
All three models in this series provide natural and transparent sound quality, with an omnidirectional pickup pattern that captures sound from all directions. Their lightweight and robust designs make them suitable for extended use in various professional audio settings, ensuring that the DPA 4060, 4066, and 4088 omnidirectional microphones deliver impeccable audio quality and reliability.