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The Minisaddle supports camcorder-sized cameras on a soft adaptable water-resistant canvas saddle. You can think of the Minisaddle as a pillow to rest your camera on while operating it when not mounted on a tripod. The Minisaddle is shaped to cradle your camera and works as a mounting platform that conforms to oddly shaped terrain, although you can use it on flat surfaces as well. The Minisaddle is not a stabilizer; however, it will absorb vibrations, making it well suited for moving platforms such as cars. The Marsupial Minisaddle features a zippered internal storage pouch for small cameras or accessories. It also includes a semi-detachable shoulder strap, with a quick release buckle on one end. Three open pockets allow you to retrieve small items. Included with the Minisaddle is a mounting kit that can be used to secure your camera to a support or moving object.