Sony PDW-530 XDCAM camera

The PDW-530, Professional Disc Camcorder, has been designed with special consideration for heavy-duty field acquisition, providing excellent picture quality, operability and reliability inherited from Sony BetacamĀ® family of acquisition products.
PDW-530 provides excellent picture quality, adapting 16:9/4:3 switchable Power HAD EX CCDs, the same camera block specification as MSW-900, MPEG IMX camcorder. It features MPEG IMX/DVCAM switchable recording and two built-in optical filter wheels (ND and CC). Uses DVCAM compression recording at 25Mbps up to around 85 min, MPEG IMX compression recording at 30Mbps up to 68 min, 40Mbps up to 55 min and 50Mbps up to 45 min.
In addition to these impressive capabilities, PDW-530 also provides numerous innovative features that take full advantage of the benefit of nonlinear disc media. To create and record proxy video & audio as well as various type of metadata, in addition to high resolution video & audio, can provide a completely new style of field operation. It supports network interfaces, i-LINK and optional CBK-NC01, Ethernet card, which can provide a combination with external PC, Laptop NLE, logging software application or e-Support, a new workflow in news gathering and field production process.
Optional CBK-FC01, 24P shooting card provides film-like look capture capability with 24-frame capture in CCD.
Finally PDW-530 supports stream conversion from MPEG IMX to DVCAM, output DVCAM stream over i-LINK, which can allow to record and keep high picture quality with MPEG for on-line quality while processing edit, scripting/logging work with DV infrastructure.
The Sony XDCAM series of Optical Disc products will have 7 years Powertrain Warranty for its laser block. This Powertrain Warranty is unprecedented for Sony and demonstrates the confidence Sony has in its XDCAM products.

16:9/4:3 Switchable Power HAD EX x 3CCDs (1M pixel CCD)
MPEG IMX/DVCAM Switchable recording with 2 optical filter wheels (ND and CC)
Compact & Lightweight Body
2.5-inch type Color LCD Screen
Shock- and Dust-Resistant Disc Drive
AV + IT Connection (SDI, Composite, 4x Analog Audio, 4x AES/EBU, i-LINK)
Optional PCM-CIA card adaptor for Ethernet connection
Thumbnail Search & Scene Selection Operation
DVCAM stream output from MPEG IMX playback
40pin/Remote/i-LINK interefaces for CA-701/702/755, RM-B150/B750, WRR-855A/B, DSR-DU1 and WLL-CA50
7 years Powertrain Warranty for XDCAM laser block

16:9/4:3 Switchable Power HAD EX CCDs
PDW-530 incorporate three 16:9/4:3 switchable CCDs for its image capture device, with a high signal-to-noise ratio of 65dB (NTSC)/63dB (PAL), lower smear level of -140dB (typical), high sensitivity of F11 and a high integrity 12-bit A/D converter.
Compact, Lightweight Body with Shock- and Dust-Resistant Disc Drive

PDW-530 weigh approximately 5.3 kg (11lb 10oz) including viewfinder, microphone, disc and BP-IL75 battery pack. Also, to minimze errors caused by shock or dust entering the disc drive, disc drive portion is concealed by two lids helping to prevent any dust from entering the drive. In addition, four rubber dampers are used to hold the disc drive block in place helping to absorb the shock that would otherwise go into the drive.
Loop Recording

Loop Recording is a convenient function whereby up to 10 seconds of audio and video signals are buffered into memory even before the Rec button is pressed.
Progressive Mode
Provides progressive modes to offer a film-like shutter effect: 29.97-frame or optional 23.976-frame.
Thumbnail Search and Scene Selection

2.5-inch color LCD screen provided on the camcorder side panel enables thumbnail search and scene selection functionalities. They enable quick ramdom access to each clip and creating a scene selection list, PDW-530 playback the selected clips seamlessly according to the list.
Proxy AV

PDW-530 creates and store low-resolution audio & video into disc media along with high-resolution audio & video recording. Proxy AV can allow the speedy operation in field, faster transfer over network from field to the base.
Network Connectivity

In addition to conventional AV interfaces, PDW-530 provides i-LINK interface as well as optional PCM-CIA card adaptor for Ethernet connectivity. They enable to hook up with external PC, and provide high speed file tranfser (up to 30x for proxy AV file, up to 2.5x for DVCAM file, up to 1.5x for MPEG IMX 50Mbps file), as well as e-Support.