Sony PDW-1500 recorder/player

The PDW-1500 is a half-rack sized recorder optimized for use with non linear editing systems. Despite its compact size, this deck offers high-speed data transfer between compatible nonlinear devices, creating a powerful editing tool for video productions. It features MPEG IMX/DVCAM switchable recording, DVCAM compression recording at 25Mbps up to around 85 min, MPEG IMX compression recording at 30Mbps up to 68 min, 40Mbps up to 55 min and 50Mbps up to 45 min. Also, proxy AV and variety of metadata can be created and stored into the disc. Two optical heads allows transfer speed of 5x for DVCAM file and 2.5x for MPEG IMX (@50Mbps) file as well as up to 50x for proxy AV file. Equipped with AV interfaces (SDI, Composite with RS-422A) as well as i-LINK File Access Mode and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. As with other PDW series products, it offers a thumbnail search operation and scene selection operation, also supports stream conversion from MPEG IMX to DVCAM, output DVCAM stream over i-LINK, which can allow to record and keep high picture quality with MPEG for on-line quality while processing edit, scripting/logging work with DV infrastructure.
The Sony XDCAM series of Optical Disc products will have 7 years Powertrain Warranty for its laser block. This Powertrain Warranty is unprecedented for Sony and demonstrates the confidence Sony has in its XDCAM products.

MPEG IMX/DVCAM recording
Two optical heads allowing transfer speeds of 5x for DVCAM and 2.5x for MPEG IMX (@50Mbps)
High-speed of transfer of proxy AV file at up to 50-times speed
Proxy AV data recording
Metadata recording
A variety of interfaces
Thumbnail search operation
Scene selection operation
Search speed (in color): JOG: -1 to +2 times normal speed / Shuttle: +/-50 times normal speed
Voice-over recording
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
DVCAM stream output from MPEG IMX playback
Mass: 7.4 kg (16lb 5oz)
7 years Powertrain Warranty for XDCAM laser block

Record and of Playback MPEG IMX/DVCAM
PDW-1500 supports MPEG IMX (30, 40, 50Mbps)/DVCAM switchable recording and playback as standard. This feature provides users a flexible operation in program distribution and exchange.
Two optical heads for high-speed file transfer

Equipped with two optical heads, which provide up to 50x transfer for proxy AV file, 5x for DVCAM file and 2.5x for MPEG IMX (@50Mbps) file in conjunction with external NLE.
Proxy AV and metadata recording
Proxy AV file is created and recorded onto the disc along with high-resolution audio and video. Also variety of metadata can be created and stored into the disc in conjunction with external PC. After transfering proxy file to external PC with high-speed fashion, creating EDL, scripting and annotating can be done by viewing proxy AV. Those metadata can be sent back to the disc and carried with high-resolution AV.
Thumbnail Search and Scene Selection
As with other PDW series, thumbnail search and scene selection functionalities can be supported. They enable quick ramdom access to each clip and creating a scene selection list, PDW-1500 playback the selected clips seamlessly according to the list.
Gigabit Ethernet and i-LINK connectivity
PDW-1500 supports gigabit Ethernet interface and i-LINK File Access Mode interface as standard.