Sony BVP-E30WSPH camera

The BVP-E30WSPH model is the 16:9/4:3 switchable aspect ratio version of the new BVP-E30 camera family for studio and outside broadcast applications. It combines high picture quality and comprehensive control functions at lower cost than conventional broadcast cameras.

For 4:3 acquisition, the BVP-E30PH 4:3 aspect ratio model is also available.

Power HAD EX CCD sensor delivers FIT performance at the price level of IT
The BVP-E30WSPH employs a new generation of CCD imager, the Power HAD EX sensor. This achieves high sensitivity (F11 2000 Lux), low noise (63 dB, PAL) and low vertical smear (
New 14 bit A/D Convertor
The BVP-E30 series cameras incorporate the latest 14 bit Analogue to Digital Convertor technology, together with new generation Advanced Digital Signal Processing LSIs to provide unmatched quality and signal resolution. The use of 14 bit A/D technology allows the full 600% dynamic range of the CCD to be captured without requiring pre-knee compression. At the same time power consumption is still very low, just 13 Watts.

Comprehensive control capability
The totally new digital processing in the BVP-E30WSPH includes all the control functions required for sophisticated studio and OB acquisition. Control parameters include 3-Colour Skin Detail (with auto detection), Auto Trace White balance, Multi Matrix (which allows independent hue and saturation adjustment for up to 15 different colour ranges), and electronic soft focus. For stand-alone operation, all settings can be controlled using viewfinder menus

New Control Functions
The BVP-E30 series cameras include several new functions, to provide even greater versatility. A Digital Linear Saturation control allows complete control of picture colour saturation, from normal to zero (monochrome). A unique 4 pixel accumulation CCD readout mode allows shooting in very low light levels. Maximum gain is now +42 dB, with a minimum illumination of 0.25 lux (F1.4). A new Slow Shutter mode can also be used. By increasing exposure times up to 7 frames, still images may be captured at even lower light levels, as low as 0.04 lux. The slow shutter function can also be employed for special effects, capturing a characteristic blurred motion effect on moving subjects, or when zooming in or out.

Wide dynamic range allows operation in high contrast lighting situations
The excellent highlight handling provided by the Power Had EX CCD sensors, together with 14 bit A/D convertors and Advanced Digital signal Processing, ensure that the BVP-E30WSPH delivers an exceptional dynamic range. A 2nd generation adaptive knee circuit, and adjustments for gamma, black gamma, knee saturation and low-light saturation allow the camera to easily handle the severe lighting contrast frequently encountered in OB use

Superb ergonomics
The BVP-E30WSPH is lightweight, compact, and comfortable in operation. Switches are laid out for simple, convenient operation, and their positions are familiar for users of other Sony cameras. Two switches on the carrying handle can be used to control intercom or return viewfinder selection, while the carrying handle has been redesigned for comfortable operation, with a non-slip artificial leather grip. The BVP-E30WSPH now includes an adjustable shoulder pad, to provide adjustment for different lenses.

Advanced filing system
A comprehensive file system allows users to store frequently used settings for quick access. Reference file, lens files, and scene files can all be controlled from the Master Setup Unit, while the control panels include a Standard button to quickly recall the default settings for the camera. Files can be quickly transferred between cameras if required. A new Memory Stick slot on the camera allows user settings to be quickly stored at the camera head.

Wide choice of system models and accessories
The BVP-E30 family includes a choice of peripherals to suit every requirement:-

•Four viewfinders – 1.5 inch or 2 inch monocular, 5 inch and 7 inch studio/OB type

•Two triax Camera Control Units

•Two Master Setup Units

•Six Remote Control Panels

Viewfinder Information Superimposed on Test output
It is now possible to superimpose character display, safe area and centre markers, and box cursors onto the test output of the camera, enabling a monitor to be used as an additional viewfinder. Display settings are the same as for the main viewfinder.

Supply voltage

DC 11~17V

Power Consumption
13 W

Operating temperature

Storage temperature

Size (mm)
125 (W) x 285 (H) x 291 (D) without projection

2.4 Kg/3.1 Kg: camera only/including mic and viewfinder

CCD Sensor

2/3 Power HAD EX

Total pixels
1038 x 1188

Effective pixels
980 x 582

Dynamic Range

Optical Filters

1: Clear, 2: 1/4ND, 3: 1/16ND, 4: 1/64ND

A: Cross, B: 3200K, C: 4300K, D: 6300K
Note: BVP-E30WSPH model only


A to D Conversion
14 bit

Horizontal Resolution
700 TVL: 16:9 mode

65 dB (PAL)

F11: 2000 lux, 3200K, 89.9% reflectance chart

Minimum illumination

0.25 lux
F1.4, +42dB

0.04 lux
Slow Shutter On: 7 frames