Panasonic AG-HPX500 Memory Card Camera-Recorder

The AG-HPX500 Memory Card Camera-Recorder
Superior Recording Quality in Both HD and SD.
Broadcasters and video professionals all around the world have already joined the P2 revolution. Now this advanced technology is available to even more professional videographers.

The AG-HPX500 Memory Card Camera-Recorder debuts as the new 2/3 workhorse in the P2 HD Professional Series, which includes the AG-HVX200 handheld and the AJ-HPX2000/2100 shoulder-mount units. Featuring a 2/3-inch lens mount that accepts interchangeable lenses, HD/SD multi-format compatibility with 50/60-Hz selectability, and a variable frame rate function that allows cine-like picture quality, this new camera-recorder has everything professionals need to create high-quality video content. Also equipped with four P2 card slots, the AG-HPX500 allows extended HD recording time and delivers the high reliability, quick recording starts and IT benefits that distinguish P2 and revolutionize the recording and editing workflow. The AG-HPX500 is an exceptional cost-efficient performer for applications that demand full-fledged HD production quality and the advantages of fast IT-based workflow.

P2 Memory Card Recording Brings the IT Revolution to Video Production
Neither tape nor disc, the P2 card is a semiconductor memory device that can hold large amounts of video and audio data. The P2 cards advanced AV technology bring the proven benefits of an IT workflow to broadcasting and video production. Memory card recorders have no drive mechanism, so maintenance costs are much lower. And with their outstanding resistance to impact, vibration, temperature change, dust and other environmental conditions, they offer the high reliability you need in news acquisition and video recording. P2 also transfers data at higher speeds than optical discs or hard drives, so video production is quicker. And P2 files can be transferred as they are – no digitizing required – to nonlinear editors and other network-connectable equipment. With all these advantages, its no wonder many of the worlds leading broadcast stations have already adopted P2. Panasonic P2 equipment has turned in gold-medal performances on the biggest stages – such as the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino. P2 will be on hand for the next Olympics too, as the official broadcasting equipment for the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Supply Voltage: DC12V (11V to 17V)
Power Consumption: Approx. 22W (when 1.5CRT viewfinder, 3.5 LCD monitor used)
Operating Temperature: 32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C)
Operating Humidity: 10% to 85% (no condensation)
Weight: Approx. 8.2 lbs (3.7kg) excluding battery and accessories
Dimensions (WxHxD): 5-9/16 x 10-7/16 x 12-9/16 (140 x 261 x 318 mm)
excluding handle and prominent parts
Pick-up Device: 3CCD (2/3-inch interline transfer type and progressive modes supported)
Lens Mount: 2/3 bayonet type
Optical Color Separation: Prism system
ND Filter: 4 position (Clear, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64)
Gain Selection: 60i/60p mode: 0/+3/+6/+9/+12/+18 dB
30p/24p/24pA mode: 0/+3/+6/+9/+12dB
Slow Shutter Mode: Gain fix (0 dB)
Shutter Speed (Preset): 60i/60p mode: 1/60 (OFF), 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 sec.
30p mode: 1/30, 1/50 (OFF), 1/60, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000 sec.
24p/24pA mode: 1/24,1/50(OFF),1/60,1/120,1/250,1/500,1/1000 sec.
50i/50p mode: 1/50 (OFF), 1/60, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 sec.
25p mode: 1/25, 1/50 (OFF), 1/60, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000 sec.
Shutter Speed (Variable): 60i mode: 1/60.0 to 1/249.8
30p mode: 1/30.0 to 1/249.8
24p/24pA mode: 1/24.0 to 1/249.8
50i/50p mode: 1/50.0 to 1/249.8
25p mode: 1/25.0 to 1/249.8
Shutter Speed (Slow): 60i/60p mode: 1/15, 1/30
30p mode: 1/15
24p/24pA mode: 1/12 (720p only)
50i/50p mode: 1/12, 1/25
25p mode: 1/12
Variable Frame Rate: 60 Hz mode: 12/18/20/22/24/26/30/32/36/48/60 fps (frame/sec)
50 Hz mode: 12/18/20/23/25/27/30/32/37/48/50 fps (frame/sec)
Sensitivity: F10 (Typical)
Video P2 HD General
Sampling Frequency: Y: 74.25MHz Pb/Pr: 37.125Mhz
Quantizing: 8 bits
Compression: Compression ratio 1/6.7, DCT + variable length code
Recording Bit Rate: 100Mbps

Audio P2 HD General
Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz
Quantizing: 16 bit/4CH
Quantizing: 16 bit/4CH
Head Room: 20 dB
Memory Card Recorder
Recording Format: DVCPRO HD/DVCPRO 50/DVCPRO/DV selectable
Audio Recording Format: PCM digital recording 48 kHz /16 bits
4ch (DVCPRO HD / DVCPRO 50),
2ch/4ch selectable (DVCPRO / DV)
Recording Time*1:
(Approx.) 8 minutes with one AJ-P2C008HG (DVCPRO HD, 4CH)
17 minutes with one AJ-P2C016RG (DVCPRO HD, 4CH)
P2 Card Slot: 4 Slot (4G, 8G, 16G Card)
SD Card Slot: SD Format standard (MMC not used)
Recording File: MXF File
File System: FAT32
Input/Output Signal
Gen Lock: BNC x 1, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ù,
Component Out: D4 terminal (Component) , Y: 1.0Vp-p, 75Ù, Pb/Pr: 0.7Vp-p, 75Ù
Video Out: BNC x 1, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ù
SDI Out: BNC x 1, 0.8Vp-p, 75Ù
SD:SMPTE259M-C/272M-A/ITU-R.BT656-4 Standard
TC In: BNC x 1, 0.5 to 8Vp-p, 10KÙ
TC Out: BNC x 1, Low impedance, 2.0 ±0.5V p-p
IEEE 1394: 6 pin, Digital In/Out, based on IEEE 1394 Standard
Audio lnput
MIC IN: XLR x 2 (FRONT1, FRONT2), High impedance, +48V compatible
MIC: –40/–50/–60 dBu (Switch on Menu)
AUDIO IN: XLR x 2 (REAR1, REAR2), High impedance,
LINE/MIC/+48V switchable
LINE: 0 dBu, MIC: –50/–60 dBu (Switch on Menu)
Line In/Out: Pin Jack x 2 (CH1/CH2), Out: 600Ù, 316mV
Phones: Stereo Mini jack (3.5mm diameter)
Internal Speaker: 28mm round shape x 1
Monitor, Speaker and Other packages
LCD Monitor: 3.5, LCD color Monitor, 210,000 pixels, 4:3
Supplied Accessories: 1.5 , LCD color Viewfinder (4:3 CRT, NTSC/PAL switchable)
Shoulder strap, P2 card software driver install (CD-ROM )

* Time shown above is when you record a series of 1 shot to P2 card. Depending on numbers of shots you record, time will get shorter than the number shown above.

* Product image and the specifications shown in this brochure are tentative, and subject to change without notice.