Canon DIGISUPER 86II xs XJ86x9.3 lens

Highest Zoom Ratio 86x
High Definition Optical Performance
X-Element & Power Optical System
Optical Shift Image Stabilizer
CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System)

Zoom Ratio 86x
Built-in Extender 2.0x
Range of Focal Length
(with Extender) 9.3~800mm
18.6~1600mm (2.0x)
Maximum Relative Aperture
(with extender) 1:1.7 at 9.3~340mm
1:4.0 at 800mm
1:3.4 at 18.6~680mm (2.0x)
1:8.0 at 1600mm (2.0x)
Angular field of view
(with Extender) 4:3 Aspect Ratio
(8.8 x 6.6mm) 50.6° x 39.1° at 9.3mm
0.63° x0.47° at 800mm
26.6° x 20.1° at 18.6mm(2.0x)
0.32° x 0.24° at 1600mm(2.0x)
16:9 Aspect Ratio
(9.59 x 5.39mm) 54.6° x 32.4° at 9.3mm
0.69° x 0.39° at 800mm
28.9° x 16.5° at 18.6mm(2.0x)
0.34° x 0.19° at 1600mm(2.0x)
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.) 3.0m from front lens vertex
Object Dimensions at M.O.D.
(with Extender) 4:3 Aspect Ratio
(8.8 x 6.6mm) 253.9 x 190.4cm at 9.3mm
2.8 x 2.1cm at 800mm
127.0 x 95.2cm at 18.6mm (2.0x)
1.4 x 1.1cm at 1600mm (2.0x)
16:9 Aspect Ratio
(9.59 x 5.39mm) 276.4 x 155.5cm at 9.3mm
3.1 x 1.7cm at 800mm
138.2 x 77.8cm at 18.6mm (2.0x)
1.6 x 0.9cm at 1600mm (2.0x)
Macro No
Size (W x H x L) 250.6 x 255.5 x 591.5mm
Weight 23.5kg (51.8lbs)